A warm welcome to any listeners of our upcoming podcast on labour law, where we will be presenting and discussing particularly interesting decisions and rulings made in the world of labour law.

This offer is produced in German language and mainly directed towards students in advanced semesters in attempt to widen their perspective on problems and questions related to labour law, as well as feed knowledge on specific cases. The main focus lies not on the results of the addressed decisions, but on the road towards these results specifically. The aim of the podcast is to supplement knowledge from the university syllabus in a case oriented way. We do not aim to systematically display labour law or scientifically analyze certain disputes or decisions.

The podcast is produced by a team of research and graduate assistants from the Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the European Union and the University of Trier. As of now, episodes will be released sporadically, available on this website or on conventional platforms.

The podcast is only available in German.