The annual reports document in detail the IAAEU's research activities, which have been ongoing since 1983, and provide an overview of economic and legal projects and topics in the respective reporting year. All reports can be downloaded in PDF format. A PDF reader is required for viewing and opening the files. Over the next five years, the Institute's activities will focus on a few important questions of the future in order to expand synergies within the team and to establish the IAAEU even more strongly than before as a point of contact in certain fields.

These issues include demographic change, the role of trade unions and collective labour law, the impact of working conditions, worker mobility and work in a digitised economy. Suggestions from the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Council, and following discussions in the Ministry of Education, Science, Continuing Education and Culture, an Institute Development Plan has been drawn up, which is also the basis for the external presentation.

Successful international cooperation will be continued, and cross-working group cooperation will be expanded and intensified. Please find the complete Annual Report 2022 and Research Plan 2023 here.

Jahresbericht 2022


Annual Report 2021
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